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About Us

Skip the Phnom Penh traffic. Order your groceries delivered plastic-free.

What is Grocerdel?

Grocery delivery

Grocerdel provides plastic-free delivery of the guaranteed-fresh local food of a natural grocer, the Cambodian-made brands you want to support, and the wholesale products you need all in one.

We provide convenience as well as time and money savings. The first grocery delivery mobile app in Cambodia, we now also offer a website. We have over 2,000 products available and over 70 different suppliers, including our partnership with one supplier working with over 300 small-scale farms. Our delivery drivers are friendly, helpful, and speak great English.

How do I order?

1. Signup for Grocerdel, includes entering your email id, phone number, delivery address and contact information, as much correctly as possible. We will ask for a one-time password to connect your mobile phone to your account. We do this to ensure we can contact you regarding your delivery. Cambodia addresses can be tricky facts where main streets may need a corner street to be mentioned to accurately navigate to the delivery destination location by our delivery drivers. We have enabled sign-up feature using facebook credentials or google id credentials. Customer can also self-sign up using either customer's mobile number or email id, which ensures a One-Time-Password (OTP) code beng sent to customer's mobile phone or email inbox as per customer opted preference while signing up, using which a preferential password can be set by the customer on one's own. My Address section in the menu/ slider screen allows to select the map location of the address or allows to drag the map-pointer to the exact location of the address while also allowing to enter details such as building name or number together with apartment name or number, main street name or number, corner street name or number, etc. More than one address can be saved by customer against one's own profile and they can be desginated at either home address or office address or other address. This address can be selected at time of placing an order from the cart. Latitude and longitude capturing is through capturing correct map pointer location in the application while saving the address, hence, it is recommedned to drag the map-pointer to the exact location in the map while editing an existing address or creating a new address by the customer, in order to help our delivery drivers to ensure hassle-free and timely deliveries with minimum calling as much as possible.

2. Fill your cart with all your goodies!

3. Choose convenient delivery time from our delivery windows available 7 days a week

4. Select a delivery address which the customer has already saved as per customer's own choice (Home, Office, Other).

5.  Write special notes/ instructions regarding the order for being taken care of by the order processing office of ours or our delivery partner to take care while making delivery to the selected address.

6. Prepare your electronic payment or cash to give our drivers when they arrive. We accept cash, or Pi Pay, ABA, VISA, or Mastercard by QR scan code upon arrival.

Why Grocerdel?

- Support sustainability-at-home and in business. We offer plastic-free or reusable packaging for delivery and highlight our sustainability products.

- Support made-in-Cambodia. We promote our locally made products and focus our vendor-sourcing efforts towards local manufacturers. We will always do our very best to find a local provider before we agree to sell an imported item.

- Support female leaders and women’s empowerment in Cambodia. Our CEO is a woman, as well as most of our executive team. Every role in our company is an opportunity to women, even delivery driving.

At Grocerdel, we believe in promoting sustainable agriculture. Our company grew out of a need to connect local, small-scale farmers to the educated consumers seeking their produce. Rather than increasing cost to meet the needs of a brick-and-mortar grocery store, we deliver fresh, quality produce direct to the customer at a great price.

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver in the Phnom Penh greater area.